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Make it real

Unlock the surfer inside of you.

Our Mission: Shaping The Next Surfing Revolution

Surf REC exists to reunite the surfing community. Amidst the rapid growth of the sport where various disciplines diverge further, we are committed to reigniting the tribalism that defines surfing's essence. By democratizing access to surf footage and coaching, our aim is to enhance personal skills and foster positive connections in the water. At Surf REC, authenticity is paramount. We're dedicated to making the surfing experience real and personal for every rider, moving beyond the industry's dream-selling tradition.

Our Vision: Empowering Every Wave Rider

We envision a surfing world where wave riders of every wave sport, regardless of skill level, have easy access to surf footage and coaching. Through our on demand solution, we aim to break down barriers, connect surfers globally, and redefine the surfing experience as a collaborative and harmonious journey.

Our values guide our actions

Our Story

Surf REC emerged from a desire to go beyond traditional action cameras and create a complete ecosystem for surf enthusiasts. The journey started with a vision to unite the fragmented surf community by democratizing surf footage and coaching. Today, we embody the dawn of a new surfing era, where wave riders of every level come together to rediscover themselves and forge connections in the water, reigniting joy throughout the community.

Meet the team

Our dedicated team at Surf REC is a collective of surf enthusiasts, tech innovators, and community builders. Each team member brings a unique set of skills and a shared passion for creating a positive impact in the surfing world. Together, we are committed to shaping the future of surfing, one wave at a time.

Our Partners

At Surf REC, our commitment to excellence extends through dynamic partnerships with key players in the surfing community and esteemed local and national entities. Together, we are creating a wave of innovation, uniting surf enthusiasts, and solidifying our commitment to shaping the future of surfing experiences.


Surf REC isn't just a surf camera, we are a surfing experience enhancer. With our cutting-edge technology used in filming and coaching, we serve as the ultimate surf companion for every freesurfer.

Riding this wave with us is about being part of the next surfing revolution– the era of the everyday surfer.

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