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Share Your Expertise, Earn, and Elevate Others with Ease on Surf REC. Unleash Your Coaching Potential Today.

What is Surf REC?

In the vast ocean of action cameras, SurfREC emerges as the definitive wave in surf video analysis and coaching. We're not just a camera; we're the surf enthusiast's perfect companion, combining cutting-edge technology with a coaching platform that transforms every ride into a learning experience.

How do I become a Surf REC coach?


Coaching Guidelines

Whether you're a seasoned coach or just starting in bodyboarding, kitesurfing, surfing, or stand-up paddling, these guidelines are crafted to empower our coaching community. By setting standards, ensuring the best and safest experiences for your students, and maintaining positive relations with locals, we aim to work collaboratively towards cultivating harmony in the water. Let's create a surf environment that benefits everyone.

1. Keep everyone safe.

we must create a special methodology with guidelines regarding the typical freesurfer's characteristics. We will build a course (with Joao De Macedo) to qualify them and standardize the coaching guidelines. That will be also good for pro coaches to easily switch from comp coaching to freesurf coaching, as most of them will keep on coaching athletes as well.


SurfREC isn't just a surf camera; it's a surfing experience enhancer. From intelligent video analysis to a coaching platform that adapts to your skill level, we are the surf companion every free surfer needed. Surfing this wave with us is, above all, being part of the next surfing revolution – the age of the common surfer.

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