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Anytime, Anywhere

Shape your surfing

Ignite Joy, Break Barriers, Cultivate Unity


“Our mission is to revolutionize the surfing experience. 
We empower every free surfer with cutting-edge technology, capturing the essence of their every wave. Through personalized coaching feedback, we not only shape individual skills but also foster a sense of unity within the surf community. “

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Capture The Thrill

Introducing our advanced surf cam experience – your key to capturing every wave. Our webcam, paired with a sleek tracking device worn on your arm, ensures auto-tracking, full coverage, and up to 600m range. Immerse yourself in crystal-clear Full HD/4K resolution. 

Say hello to uninterrupted surf sessions and relive the thrill effortlessly.



Replay The Ride

With our innovative app, your surf sessions come to life like never before. Seamlessly receive the footage of every exhilarating wave directly on your device. Immerse yourself in the thrill of your sessions, and with just a few taps, share the stoke with friends or the online surf community



Achieve goals, Shape waves for all

Our user-friendly interface ensures easy navigation and instant access to your personalized coaching feedback. Elevate your surf experience, track your progress, and create a wave legacy that goes beyond the shoreline. Download the app now and let the surfing adventures unfold at your fingertips.

« Surf REC isn't just an app; it's a movement. 
By working on my goals, I've become a better surfer, contributing to a more positive and united surf community. »

Joana, Cascais


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Stay stoked, stay informed – ride the wave with us!

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We are stoked to sharing the same wave with you!

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